Most local students spring break party poopers

By RANDI TYLER/Montana State News

Most Montana State University students don’t plan the party-filled, tropical vacation we usually associate with spring break.

Seventy-eight percent of students responding to a straw poll plan to travel outside of Bozeman, with 34 percent staying within the borders of Montana and 44 percent traveling out of state. Of the 34 percent staying in Montana, all of them are going home – 18 percent to Great Falls and 12 percent to Billings.

Only 40 percent of students plan to do some sort of specific outdoor activity, according to a survey done on 47 students at Montana State University. These activities include skiing and snowboarding, hunting and fishing, biking, climbing and hiking.

What other plans do they have?

Of the 47 asked, 11 plan to work throughout their spring holiday. Twelve students plan to visit family and friends and three students plan to do homework, although there will more than likely be more than three forced to do school work during the break.

But all are not drudges. Seven students said they plan to drink and party, a number that will likely rise when vacation time draws nearer.

Where are the out-of-state travelers going? A warm climate was the most obvious choice for some students with places like California preferred by just 10 percent vote and Cabo San Lucas, where just 6 percent of the students plan on going. Ten percent of the students said they will be going to Washington state, 8 percent said Oregon, and 6 percent said Las Vegas.

One thing’s for certain: All of the students polled will be looking forward to a break from classes and a chance to enjoy the (hopefully) nice weather wherever their travels take them.

Edited by Jodi Wilson.

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