Campus tobacco-free policy gets mixed reviews

By HALEY ANDERSON/Montana State News

Montana State University will become tobacco free Aug. 1 in hopes of achieving a healthier campus. MSU Health Promotions have been leading the charge in order to achieve this goal for the past few years, though the campus’s students share mixed emotions on the end result.

Jen, a senior in biology, finds this change to be a good one and is excited to be able to walk around campus without encountering secondhand smoke outside of her classrooms.

“I look forward to being able to walk around campus without having to hold my breath,” she said. “I’m outside. I want to breathe clean air when I have an extra 10 minutes between classes.”

Health Promotions says this initiative will greatly reduce the toxic litter on campus, protect people from unwanted or involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke and create a supportive environment for those trying to quit smoking.

Though there are many health benefits involved with this initiative, many students are upset by the upcoming change. Mick, a freshman in South Hedges, said “I live on campus and do smoke from time to time. It’s a social thing outside the dorms and it’s unfair that if I were an upcoming freshman I would be expected to walk half a mile away from my home to light up.”

Another question is how this policy will be regulated in the tailgate area in upcoming football seasons as well as on campus.

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