Mexico’s drug crimes are of little concern to MSU’s spring-breakers

By JODI WILSON/Montana State News

Despite Mexico’s bad press about the ongoing drug and crime problems, many Montana State University students plan on vacationing there for spring break.

Six percent of students polled reported that Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is their destination of choice for the week-long vacation.  Over the past year, Mexico’s drug problem has crossed over American borders putting citizens in harm’s way.  That is of no concern to these students.

Cabo is located on the most southern point of the Baja Peninsula and is more than 800 miles from the American border, where most of the drug wars and crimes occur.

“My biggest concern is drinking too much in the sun and getting dehydrated,” reported one student, who showed zero concern about Mexico’s problems. “You just have to be smart about where you go and who you’re with, just like [in the U.S.].”

Because Cabo is a tourist destination, there is very little crime.  Pete Thomas, from the Los Angeles Times, writes that “Cabo San Lucas might be one of only a few destinations in Mexico that has not been too adversely affected by the drug-war hysterics.”

No matter where students plan to travel in Mexico, it is important that they take any safety precautions that are advised.  These precautions include: always having some form of identification on hand, drinking bottled water, and most importantly, when partying, make sure to keep track of drinks at all times and do not accept any drinks from strangers.

Edited by Randi Tyler.

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