Financial aid pays for more than just school stuff

By MATT YORK/Montana State News

Whether from scholarships, grants, or loans, students seem to be going first for electronics or other bigger items before they even think about books.  A recent poll by Montana State News Group of 35 students revealed their chosen spending habits.

The list of items students seemed to be happiest spending their financial aid money on ranged from potential school-applicable items like laptops, computers and Kindle Fires, all the way down to the less than scholarly sort, such as iPods, couches and even paying down credit card debts.

Most students chuckled when asked about these decisions and seemed happy with their choice of using loans.

“School life can be a bit rigorous,” said MSU student Chelsea Drew. “So yea, I bought a TV and a new couch with my loans. Way I see it, if I’m going to spend so much time at the school, it’s like a job, and I might as well use the money it gives me to get some comforts.”

Ninety percent of the students polled shared Drew’s way of thinking. In fact, this practice is very familiar to many students, including four roommates.

One of the roommates purchased a brand new TV in order to “better play Halo,” while another bought around $300 to $400 in sound editing and recording equipment. A good deal of that equipment helps with his music technology major, but he happily admits he didn’t need more than half of it.

Edited by Becky Hattersley.

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