New Writing Center planned for Wilson Hall

By ANGIE FORD/Montana State News

Students’ writing needs are responsible for punching holes in Wilson Hall’s brick walls after all these windowless years. The MSU Writing Center is building a new facility, expected to be completed and operational for the start of the Fall 2012 semester.

Dr. Kirk Branch, Director of MSU’s Writing Program, looks forward to the Writing Center being able to serve even more writers.

“Already the Writing Center is one of the most vital student support services on campus,” Branch said, “and we look forward to creating new ways to support the community of students and teachers at Montana State.”

The new space will be inside of Wilson Hall near where the Writing Center is currently located (Rooms 1-106 and 1-108).While there is no official word on the design of the space, Branch says, “The Writing Center staff, WC director, and director of the Writing Program will collaborate with the architects on the design of the Writing Center… The space will be designed to create a community among the staff, and with the student writers who use the space.”

Meanwhile, the current facility continues to expand its efforts with the energy of excited staff, creating fun activities in support of MSU writers.

In celebration of International Writing Center Week (Feb.13-17), the Wilson Writing Center will host “Make a Date With the Writing Center” where there will be games and prizes as well as chances to rack up unusually large amounts of Champ Change.

Freshmen and sophomores who make an appointment with the WC that week will earn twice as many points as usual. And it all adds up: The winner of last year’s Champ Change contest won a $1,000 tuition waiver.

Waffle Wednesdays is another inaugural event happening during Valentine’s week, with waffles and drop-in tutoring available to anyone who stops by.

As for the tutors, they are glad for the opportunity to keep making a difference in student writers’ college experience.

“College writing can seem intimidating at first,” says one tutor, “we’ve all been there. It makes us happy to be able to walk that journey with new writers—let them know that they have something valuable to say and we’re here to help them find that voice.”

Edited by Matt Rule.


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