Opening ceremony set for ‘eco-house’

By DAVID HOY/Montana State News

The  is opening ceremony for the REHAU Montana Ecosmart

House Project is set for April 20 at the house in the Bridger Creek neighborhood in Bozeman. Guests invited to attend include Montana State University’s President Dr. Waded Cruzado and Gov. Brian Schweitzer. A separate media day will be held April 19 before the opening ceremony.

The Montana ecosmart house project has been ongoing for several years now. Since the initial design phase, students at Montana State University have been heavily involved under the direction of Terry Beaubois and his Creative Arts Research Lab (CRLab).

The complexity of the project house provides an opportunity for current and future Montana State University attendees to gain invaluable experience. Many of the systems integrated in the house are the first in the region, unlike anything built for miles around.

Students from architecture, film and engineering departments have teamed up with the CRLab to gain real life educational experience. The engineer students have placed over 300 sensors throughout the house. These sensors are to be monitored for three years upon completion of the house. Although the students who installed the sensors are going to graduate, groundwork is set for future real life research over the next few years.

Film students have documented the project’s construction since the groundbreaking. Footage gathered will be utilized as instructional video for future projects that will use the “green” technologies. An overall documentary is in the planning stages with the hours of footage gathered of years. The cameras will be there for the ceremony.

Edited by Dezri Rochin.

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