Bozeman residents unfazed by cell phone ban

By BRIANNA SCHUTZ/Montana State News

Bozeman implemented its ban on cell phones while driving on Jan. 17.  An AT&T sales associate from Bozeman said that the traffic seemed normal regarding sales of Bluetooth and other hands free devices. They haven’t seen a spike in people coming to get them.

Though the concept is not a new one. Yellowstone County adopted the same law on Oct. 31, 2010, and some Bozeman residents are already acclimated to the new rules.

Peter Asmuth, a Bozeman resident who moved here from New Jersey has had no problem transitioning.

“It was already illegal to use your phone back east so it’s just something I’m accustomed to” Asmuth said. “Basically the law has had no big impact on my life because it’s something I already had a tendency to avoid doing.”

Another Bozeman driver agrees with Asmuth that it is a good and safe law: “I do a lot of driving and have for many years for work. I have noticed a significant change in my driving for the better since I purchased my Bluetooth.”

Katie Rouane expressed her frustration with the new law: “I think because we can eat in our cars, help our kids, change a song or station on your radio, that all takes your focus off the road and that should all be illegal. How many people actually drive with their hands on ten and two?”

A second Bozeman driver responded, “Unless the driving conditions are really terrible or I think there is a legitimate reason for me to get pulled over, I’m going to answer my call.”

There are two weeks left until tickets will be distributed for not complying with Bozeman’s latest law.

Edited by Jesse Powell.

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