Camera Club puts together exhibit in library

By MARY KOPPY/Montana State News

The Bozeman Public is changing their décor. The MSU library is partnering with the Camera Club of Bozeman to exhibit what is the club’s first showing in nearly three years.

“We know the library hosts monthly artists, so we applied as a club,” Steve Scott, the club’s president, said.

Club members hung their pictures in the library foyer on Wednesday. The grand opening for the exhibit was Friday at 5:30 p.m.

Of the clubs 35 registered members, 28 contributed photos. Most of those 28 entered two pieces, and a total of 45 were put on display. The photos are for sale during the month of February and 30 percent of the profits will benefit the library foundation.

Scott says the club needed about two hours to hang the photos, but editing, printing and framing their pieces took much longer.

“A group of seven or eight people met at my house last night,” Scott said. The groups framed and prepared the pictures to be hung on Wednesday.

Club membership fees run $15 per year, per family and Scott says the club draws a diverse crowd. The only thing they all have in common, he adds, is that they all share an interest in photography.

“We welcome everyone from point-and-shoots to serious photographers,” he says.

Cheryl Taylor, a member of two years who calls herself a “photography enthusiast,” came to the club after she retired.

“I just stumbled across the club,” Taylor said, “I’m a long time photographer and I retired recently, so now I have the time.”

Taylor has two pieces in the show.

Any member of the photography club could participate in the event.

“We try to balance fun and education in the club,” Scott said, “We are not doing this for the money.”

By Scott’s estimate, members spent roughly $25 per person to prepare for the event.

Find the Camera Club of Bozeman on Flickr:

Edited by Sam Brown.

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