MSU Friday sets record for January

By MEGHAN O’NEAL/Montana State News

Montana State University saw the largest MSU Friday for the month of January last week with around 800 prospective students traveling from all across the country to attend the event.

MSU Friday allows prospective students the opportunity to visit the university and get a feel of what life is like at MSU. Students tour the campus, meet with advisors and learn about the variety of different majors offered while hearing from current co-eds in student run panels.

Erika Brink, an Advocat, says this MSU Friday was a huge success.

“All of the students that are involved want to help and they want to see every student come to MSU,” she said. “I think that is a reason why we have reached to over 14,000 students. We are able to communicate how much we enjoy going to this school and others want to be a part of that.”

The Advocats are a group of student representatives who embody everything that MSU stands for. These spokespersons lead the campus tours, and make themselves available to prospective students and their parents by answering any question or concern.

Advocats do not get paid, but do receive upper division credits for their time and effort. These students also go through an extensive interview process, and take a class that allows them to learn of the inner workings within MSU.

“I think what makes [MSU Friday] so successful is that the returning Advocats have to reinterview to return which allows Hilija [the director of the Advocats] to select the students that want to participate and want to help the future students,” says Brink.

MSU Advocats try to have a positive influence on potential students and are an important part of the MSU Friday and experience. They allow students and parent the chance to speak with real MSU students who have experienced life at MSU. Everyone involved is trained to be passionate about what they do, and work hard to make future students and their parents comfortable.

“I love MSU Friday! It’s a great way to give back to the school and show prospective students how much I love to be here,” says Brink.  “It flows so smoothly you are not even aware that you are on a schedule.”

Edited by Sam Middlestead.

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