Bozeman rents don’t look so bad compared to other places

 By RANDI TYLER/Montana State News

The average price for a one bedroom apartment in Bozeman is $558 a month, and for college kids, most who do not have full-time jobs, that may seem a little high.

After compiling a list of the prices of 24 available apartments in Bozeman, the average price for a studio apartment was found to be $425, and the average price of a two bedroom was found to be $647.

One MSU freshman says he was hoping to live with just one roommate after leaving the dorms, but “[the prices] have pressured me into staying in an apartment with lots of people, so the rent isn’t so high.”

Another MSU student, a junior, when asked how the prices of apartments in Bozeman have affected his living arrangements, answered, “they have affected my living by the fact that I am willing to live in a more beat down place that costs less than a higher style of living that costs more…and I am willing to live with roommates to cut down the cost.” This student currently has five roommates.

But in comparison to other cities around the U.S., Bozeman’s rent average is actually much cheaper. For a one bedroom apartment in Phoenix, the average rent is $648, and a one bedroom apartment in

Denver averages$744 a month. And in Chicago, a one bedroom apartment rolls in at the average of $1,048.

Two bedroom apartments in  the Denver area averages at $971, Phoenix averages at $873, and Chicago averages at $1,412.

So, while college student in Bozeman may have to put up with roommates for a few years until they can afford a place of their own, at least they do not have to put up with roommates along with rent that could nearly be the same price as tuition.

Edited by Jodi Wilson.

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