Cold Smoke Awards slated for Saturday

By RILEY PITTENGER/Montana State News

The annual Cold Smoke Awards and Winter Carnival are set to take the stage of the Emerson Cultural center on Saturday, Feb. 11. The awards themselves are a Bozeman staple from their inception in the 1990s, and they continue to rouse excitement every year, even when the cold smoke itself takes its time on arrival.

“We started out as a bunch of friends who were shooting our own ski films for fun and ended up seeing the need for an independent awards show that grew every year into what it has become,” Anjin Herndon, one of the originators of the Cold Smoke Awards and the film and tech editor for the company, said.

“We got in touch with people out of Jackson Hole, Wyo., and all over Colorado until the awards became a show, which became an event and grew into its current presence,” he said. “We want the Cold Smoke Awards to celebrate and unify mountain culture with every aspect. We primarily receive film submissions but we are open to any aspect of mountain culture and its expression, which is why we do it.”

The awards will be kicking off on Saturday night in the Crawford Theatre within the Emerson, with music and merrymaking following in the ballrooms with the Winter Carnival. Local DJ talent will be performing all night in celebration of winter, even if the ground is dry.

Edited by Tristan Abbott.

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