Grey Cliffs Ranch to offer ceramics

Grey Cliffs Ranch to offer ceramics activities

By MEGAN HIGGINS/Montana State News

Grey Cliffs Ranch will now be offering ceramics activities for its guests.

The lodge opened its doors to guests in 2008, is located near the beautiful Madison River and is known for creating personalized agendas for guests.  The addition of ceramics creates one more activity for families to enjoy.

Recognized for their upland bird hunting and land restoration, Grey Cliffs Ranch also offers horseback riding and guided fishing trips.

According to Licia Pfadt, manager of the lodge, guests will soon be able to enjoy activities with clay.

“Guests can choose an already made piece of pottery like a trivet/tile, cup, mug or bowl, Pfadt said. “They can use under glazes of a variety of colors to decorate their piece any way they wish via squeeze bottles, pencils and brushes.”

Items will then be glazed with a clear coat and shipped to the guests’ homes.

In addition to simply decorating a pre-made piece, guests will have the chance to hand build their own creations, or learn how to craft on the wheel.

“We think this will be something wives would enjoy doing while their husbands are out hunting or fishing,” said Pfadt, “But anyone is welcome to do it.”

Pfadt’s pottery studio is located on the Grey Cliffs Ranch property, so guests would have access to this activity without having to go out of their way to enjoy something new.

More information on the ranch can be found at

Licia and Chris Pfadt can be reached at or by telephone at 406-285-6512.

Edited by Haley Anderson.

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