Fall in love on Valentine’s Day — with your career

By MARY KOPPY/Montana State News

Montana State University’s Career Services Department is taking advantage of the upcoming Valentine’s Day to encourage students to start a long term romance – with their jobs.

On Feb. 14, the office will hold two separate seminars on career guidance.

The first, “Falling in love … with your career,” will kick off at noon in SUB 177. Career services will provide treats to attendees and encourage students to “be our Valentine!”

The seminar will focus heavily on what careers are in high demand in the working world and what students can expect in terms of job availability once they graduate.

There will also be a component of the lecture helping students begin to determine what will be their perfect fit in terms of careers.

Another seminar, “Using Social Networking in the Job Market,” will follow immediately, also in SUB 177.

This presentation will address the usage of sites such as Facebook and Twitter to present a public face to potential employers.

It will teach students how to use these accounts to present themselves professionally. Also, the class will focus on managing these accounts and using them to get ahead in the business world.

The 7th Annual “Almost” Spring Job and Internship Fair is coming up this month on Feb. 23. The event will being at 3 p.m. and run until 9 p.m. in the Strand Union ballrooms. Potential employers from across the state and nation will come to speak with students looking for jobs or internships in the coming year.

Career Services’ website offers information on making the most of career fairs and finding the best job fit for you. They recommend starting to look early and coming to the fair prepared and with an idea of what you would like to find or do.

Edited by Sam Brown.

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