Fashion designers tackle new medium — condoms

By BRIANNA SCHUTZ/Montana State News

Kathryn Manning and Whitney Adams sport basketball jerseys made from condoms.

Last Friday, Montana State University held its Third Annual Latex and Lace Condom Fashion Show. Kevin Dowsett, a post-graduate intern and graphic designer for the Montana State Health Promotion, declared this third show the best one yet.

“I am continually impressed by the creativity and craftsmanship of the designs. Popularity and attendance has continually grown over the three events,” Dowsett said.

Dowsett describes the Latex and Lace show as, “A free on-campus event that began in 2010 where models wear outfits made of condoms, designed by clubs or individuals that are sponsored by numerous offices, companies, and organization around MSU and the Bozeman community.”

Kathryn Manning, MSU alumni, participated in the event for the first time this year. Why did Manning decide to participate in this event now?

“The fashion show sounded like a ton of fun,” Manning said, “as well as a great reason to embark on a unique and challenging project unlike anything I had previously done.”

Manning’s comments on her modeling debut: “The models provided a ton of support for each other with outfits, hair and runway encouragement along with more than enough enthusiasm to energize a crowd of nearly 1,200.”

Manning participated with her friend, Whitney Adams, and described the event as a great mix of education and entertainment.

“I think most would agree that loud music and learning sexual health information on a project screen behind models donning outfits consisting of condoms and super glue is a lot more engaging and fun than your typical sex education class,” Manning said.

Manning and Adams showed their personal creativity by wearing condom basketball jerseys. They wanted to do something out of the ordinary and just have fun, which is the point of the Montana State Health Promotion event.

Edited by Jesse Powell.

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