No one to share V-Day with? Be SAD

By JODI WILSON/Montana State News

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. And for those in a relationship, it is a day spent by sharing love letters, a romantic dinner and an even more romantic evening. But what about the poor souls who are single and without a partner on Feb. 14?

They celebrate Single’s Awareness Day (SAD).

SAD is the term coined for those who will be spending the holiday of love alone.  Rather than sitting at home, eating a box of heartbroken chocolates and watching soppy black-and-white love stories, much of the single crowd choose to celebrate their singleness with other singles.

On SAD, many singles are encouraged to head out on the town, or plan a party with others who are also still on the market.  Some party themes include “singles only” or “Un-Valentine’s Day.”  One woman commented, “Last year, I just went to the strip club with a bunch of my friends and had a blast.”

The party scene isn’t for everybody, though.  Other singles prefer to lay low on SAD.  Some choose to pamper themselves with a spa day, while others volunteer their time with the less fortunate.

And for the superstitious, be sure to watch out for any goldfinches or squirrels: if a goldfinch is spotted, the viewer will marry a millionaire, but if a squirrel is seen on SAD, it is said that the viewer will marry a scrooge who hides all the money.

Edited by Randi Tyler.

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