Life after college? How about more school?

By MATT RULE/Montana State News

Talor Darfler, 21 and a junior majoring in education, originates from Helena. She’s one year from graduating, and on the brink of starting her life post-college.

Asked what three artists could be found playing on her iPod at any given time, she happily replied, “Disney, Carrie Underwood and Beyoncé,” and asked what as a young child she wanted to be when she grew up, she explained how she wanted to become a veterinarian, because her dog was “shot in the leg and all I wanted to do was save it, but my parents wouldn’t let me because they knew I would just end up making things worse.”

If she had one day left to live, what would she do?

“I’d just want to go on a really long car ride with all the people in my life that I love and spend my last day with them.”

And for her outlook now: “I feel like I’ve been a student my whole life, and I’m ready to start using what I’ve learned and start applying it to the world out there.”

Later she added, “I would ultimately like to become a nurse and/or become a professor of nursing, but right now I have to earn my education degree.”

Not many students have the drive to want to get through college so they can further pursue more education in a field such as nursing.

When pressed further on this, Talor responded, “I’m just worried I won’t be able to make my parents proud – unless I’m perfect, and that worry is giving me a fear of failure, which in ways could hold me back from my dreams of becoming a nurse.”

This fear could be detrimental, she said. “I feel like sometimes you have to take a chance to succeed in this world, and I think passing on becoming a nurse may be a decision I might regret for a long time. “

A reoccurring theme became apparent, which mainly involved the desire to become a nurse and to please her parents.

“My ideal future would include becoming a nurse, being happily married, having healthy children, never letting my family down, living in a small town in Montana, and just being happy.”

How does she plan to achieve that goal?

“I need to get as much of an education as I can, and then start searching for jobs that will provide me with the life style I’m seeking.”

When questioned more on the job side of things, she believes “getting a job as an eighth-grade science teacher would be ideal!” She started to light up and said, “I want to show kids the fun side of science!”

After a few years teaching, “going to grad school for nursing would be perfect for becoming a future nursing professor.”

The goal, she says, is to earn some money before enrolling in grad school, because “it’s ridiculous how much education cost today,” and “I don’t want to be in large amounts of debt when I’m first trying to start my life after gaining my education.”

Asked if she had to spend the rest of her life living in the same place and doing the same thing that she is right now, she smiled, and said she would be perfectly content.

“I love college, and all my friends, I’m very happy where I am now, and where I can see myself going from here.”

And 10 years from now, does she think she’ll be able to look back on now and be proud of herself? She took a second to reply, but finally answered, “Yes, I’m on track to get all the things I want in life.  As long as everything goes as planned, I will look back on this time of my life, and know I did my very best.”

Edited by Angie Ford.

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