Bozeman enters the ‘Cupcake Zone’

By BRIANNA SCHUTZ/Montana State News

Cupcake mania has hit Bozeman.

Cupcake Mountain, owned by Christine and Terry Ketterer, opened its doors on Feb. 9. Cupcake Mountain is Bozeman’s first “Cupcakery.”

And it’s part of a national trend.

It began a decade ago when television series “Sex and the City” popularized New York City’s Magnolia Bakery. Two years later, bakeries that specialize in cupcakes are still opening up at a steady pace across the nation.

According to Christine Ketterer, their grand opening right before Valentine’s Day was a helpful boost for the new owners.

“We sold just under 600 cupcakes on Valentine’s Day and have been busier than we anticipated since then,” she said.

This was evident during a quick visit to the shop for an interview. Ketterer had to stop several times so she could help the customers that came strolling in. Many of these customers were repeat customers.

Montana has hopped onto the cupcake bandwagon with Missoula’s Cupcake Cowboy and Clark Fork Cupcakery. In Billings there is J&H Cupcakes and Shockingly Sweet Cupcakes. Bozeman can now proudly call itself part of this sweet and popular trend.

America is in love with cupcakes. Scan the cookbook section in any bookstore and a handful of different books devoted to cupcakes will be present. A walk through any major city in the United States will result in the discovery of shops devoted to selling the nostalgic treats.

The cupcakery seems to be a successful small business plan, with stores opening across the U.S. In March 2010, CNN’s Sarah Bonisteel wrote, “Can we please stop calling the nation’s love affair with cupcakes a trend?” Bonisteel went on to cite sources from other states who declared the trend less of a fad and more long-term.

The Food Network ranked the cupcake first in the Top Ten Dessert Trends of 2011. On their website, the network extollled, “Well, it’s time to accept that the cupcake has gone from fad to trend to icon … and the movement now is more around its evolution than its dissolution.”

What inspired the Ketterers to try their hand in one of America’s current obsessions?

“I always wanted to open a cake shop of some sort, but after making several cakes, my own wedding cake included, I knew that cakes were a lot of work. They take days to do,” Christine Ketterer said.

Cupcake Mountain customer Todd Hutton described his experience so far with the new local business:

“The frosting on the cupcakes is amazing, that’s what really makes them great in my opinion. Terry and Christine are really awesome as well and they told me that they are really open to customer input and suggestions. They are always willing to try out new ideas and are really about accommodating to their customers needs the best that they can.”

During a seven-month stay in Tennessee, Ketterer gained firsthand knowledge working in a cupcake shop. From this experience, she learned how the fledgling industry worked. With that experience, her original dream of business ownership, and her husband’s encouragement, Cupcake Mountain was born.

Another Cupcake Mountain customer, Drew Munson said, “I tried a Peanut Butter and Banana cupcake, and it was the best cupcake I have ever had. It had a banana chip in the middle of it and it tasted like a mix between cake and banana bread and the peanut butter frosting just made it even more amazing.”

Cupcake Mountain’s February Flavor of the Month is Chocolate Passion, which is a chocolate and raspberry cupcake. The Flavor of the Month will typically correlate with whatever holiday lands in that month. Christine Ketterer said she is already trying out different key lime possibilities for March in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Cupcake Mountain offers daily options a little more outside of the box. These less traditional specialties are: Peanut Butter Cup, a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting; Rainbow Splatter, colored white cake with a vanilla buttercream; Chocolate Toffee Chunk, chocolate cake with chocolate and toffee chunks topped with chocolate buttercream; Peanut Butter and Banana, banana cake and peanut butter buttercream; and Strawberry Bliss, a strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream.

Cupcake Mountain offers 10 cupcakes on a consistent basis and one to two cupcakes of the month. The flavors are dependent upon customer opinion.

The traditional cupcake options include: The Classic, a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream; Black and White, a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream; Red Velvet, a red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream; Sprinkles which is a white cake with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles; Gimme Chocolate, which is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream.

Cupcake Mountain also offers special orders for events such as weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, and more. Orders must be placed a minimum of 24 hours in advance. More information is available at Cupcake Mountain’s website, or by calling (406)577-2787.

Cupcake Mountain is open, Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The bakery is located at 218 N. Seventh Avenue in Bozeman.

Edited by Jesse Powell.

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