Fluoride opponents pack city commission meeting

By RANDI TYLER/Montana State News

Many Bozeman citizens stood up for their own opinions on the fluoride in the water issue at the City Commission meeting on Monday night.

Most were in opposition to the idea of adding fluoride to the drinking water, contending that fluoride is a poison. One angry citizen told the board of commissioners, “You’re knowingly choosing to poison your people. “

One woman told how she was part of an experiment in the 1950’s to see how much fluoride a community can handle until it stars showing negative side effects. She blames the experiment for her mother being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the tumors that developed on her brother’s rib cage, her debilitating headaches, and her sister’s sever passiveness – to the point that she was found sitting at the bottom of a pool, not trying to save herself from drowning. Continue reading “Fluoride opponents pack city commission meeting”

Over $440,000 in repairs scheduled for library

By BECKY HATTERSLEY/Montana State News

Hail damage to the Bozeman Public Library from the 2010 storms will be repaired over the summer. The project, originally expected to be over one million dollars, will come in around $440,000 and insurance will cover the cost.

Valley Glass will be replacing the damaged skylights with the same system now in use. The windows’ high R-value, the measure of how well they insulate, will help maintain the building’s LEED certification. According to their proposal to Martel Construction of Bozeman, the cost will be $146, 000.

Summit Roofing will be replacing the roof, a $294,000 project. The metal roof currently in place leaks due the expansion and contraction of the metal with the temperatures, an issue that has been compounded by the hail damage. Continue reading “Over $440,000 in repairs scheduled for library”

EcoSmart house project nears completion

By DAVID HOY/Montana State News

Light bulbs are being screwed in and cabinet handles attached as the Montana EcoSmart house project nears completion. In September 2010, a groundbreaking ceremony for the project occurred, supported by Montana State University and REHAU Incorporated.

On April 20, 2012 ,the project home will host an opening ceremony to celebrate the unique collaborations involved. Ongoing functions at the home will be used to garner support for future endeavors.

On Thursday, March 29, students from various areas of the MSU campus will be involved with a fundraiser even being held at the project home. Support for future university CRLab and Architecture Department projects will be gathered. Continue reading “EcoSmart house project nears completion”

Small café caters to the locals in search of home cooking

By SAM BROWN/Montana State News

The Stockyard Café sits on the outskirts of Bozeman on a dirt road that sees little traffic. It’s weathered bright red wood siding contrast with the stark surroundings of the abandoned Bozeman Cattle Yard.

What was once a bustling area of activity where cattle sales took place has now become desolate because there have been no cattle sales in the past 10 years at the cattle yard.

Since the cattle yard closed, Christine Huyser has kept the café in business, serving homemade food at affordable prices. With memorabilia covering the walls and the surrounding cattle yard, the Stockyard Café serves breakfast with a certain nostalgia not many places can deliver. Continue reading “Small café caters to the locals in search of home cooking”

Students to share research at upcoming conference

By BRIANNA SCHUTZ/Montana State News

Submissions are in and this year’s Student Research Celebration projects will provide attendees a diverse amount of topics to learn about, spanning from local to global and a vast majority of colleges here on campus, according to Scarlet Reierson, program administrator for American Studies at Montana State University.

This year the conference received roughly 250 abstract submissions, according to Reierson, and the range of projects is the “coolest” thing about the celebration to her. She said students have done research on a local level, such as a documentary about local foods in the Gallatin County, to the international, Engineers without Borders’ experience and field research.

Submissions are allowed from any college on campus, not just focusing on the most visible research fields such as engineering and sciences. Continue reading “Students to share research at upcoming conference”

Run to the Pub attracts nearly 2,000 runnders

By TRUDI FISHER/Montana State News

This year marked Bozeman Running Company’s Fifth Annual Run to the Pub, to Pub 317 in downtown Bozeman, on Saturday, March 17. The race attracted nearly 2,000 runners from all kinds of running backgrounds to participate in an early-season 10K and half-marathon.

Proceeds from the event go to local charities: Family Promise, Trails for Horses and Run Bozeman. Each year one participant is drawn randomly for a trip for two to the Dublin (Ireland) Marathon in the fall. Participants are always encouraged to dress in costume for prizes, and top runners in each race and gender are awarded prize money. Continue reading “Run to the Pub attracts nearly 2,000 runnders”

MSU students head to Utah to present research findings

By ANGIE FORD/Montana State News

The countdown has begun. Presentations are being practiced, finalized, and sweated over, suitcases and homework are being packed, and professors notified of academic absences. What’s all the fuss about? Didn’t everyone just return from spring break?

The event is the National Conference for Undergrad Research, an event hosted by a different university each year. This year the host college is Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah, where undergraduate students from the world over will gather to share their research.

Zuzu Feder, currently a graduate student, presented at the 2010 conference in Missoula.

“It’s a great place to get your feet wet with conference presentations because it’s all undergrads and all very friendly and open,” Feder said. “And it’s just fun to see what other people are doing.” Continue reading “MSU students head to Utah to present research findings”

‘Hunger Games’ sensation hits town


The world will be watching – or at least the citizens and students of Bozeman plan to this upcoming weekend when predicted blockbuster “The Hunger Games” opens at midnight on March 23.

The bestselling book trilogy turned feature film is attracting fans from all over the valley who are enraptured by this post-apocalyptic novel that disturbingly mirrors the present state of American government and culture.

As of 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, the Gallatin Valley Cinema had sold a staggering 865 tickets that totaled seven theatres, but Supervisor Alex Miller predicted, “We will have to open up at least two more by midnight.” Continue reading “‘Hunger Games’ sensation hits town”

Sensory deprivation center opens locally

By DEZRI ROCHIN/Montana State News

The floatation, or sensory deprivation, tank at Sea of Tranquility, which opened locally in January.

This environment gives the occupant complete buoyancy and a complete lack of outside stimulation or distraction.A floatation tank, or sensory deprivation tank, is 8 feet long by 5 feet wide by 5 feet tall and is filled with 10 inches of water, 800 pounds of Epsom salts and is heated to 93.6 degrees – skin temperature.

Once settled in the tank, one’s mind is free to wonder or achieve deep meditation. Research shows that two hours of floating is equal to eight hours of full sleep and rest.

According to the Sea of Tranquility website, floating induces the brain to release beneficial endorphins resulting in pain elimination. Also known as the body’s own opiates, these can also induce intense feelings of well being and euphoria. Continue reading “Sensory deprivation center opens locally”

Bozeman to greet Kansas Symphony Tour with open arms

By MEGHAN O’NEAL/Montana State News

Kansas makes its way to Bozeman Saturday as part of its Kansas Collegiate Symphony Tour where they will be performing with the Montana State University Symphony.

The tour will kick off in Wendover, Nev., on Friday evening. Additional tour stops include Missoula, Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles. The tour will complete on June 1 where Kansas will perform with the Kansas City Symphony.

The popular ‘70s band began the Kansas Collegiate Symphony Tour in 2010 in an effort to promote music education. The goal of the tour is to raise awareness and funds for university music programs. Continue reading “Bozeman to greet Kansas Symphony Tour with open arms”

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