Tate Chamberlin the engine behind his namesake production company

By RILEY PITTENGER/Montana State News

Tate Chamberlin has branded himself and his creations into the fabric of the Bozeman community. The originator of local production juggernaut Chamberlin Productions, Chamberlin is no stranger to hard work, unexpected challenges and sweeping success in the market he loves.

A Colorado native, Chamberlin attended Montana State University in Bozeman earning his bachelor’s degree in graphic design. After surviving his ambitious senior thesis (he was told he had just enough rope to hang himself with) Chamberlin moved eagerly into the entrepreneurial market that would prove the tip of an iceberg soon to change the man and his environment for the better; event production.

After starting Chamberlin Productions and legitimizing it, he began managing events. Starting small with country events in his hometown of Fort Collins, Colo., and then in Bozeman he quickly gained prominence as a rising presence in the local music scene.

The next few years would see an increase in both the scale of his events and the community of dedicated volunteers and contributors to his cause.

From small country shows, Chamberlin Productions stepped up to hosting Willie Nelson in Red Lodge, Mixmaster Mike in Bozeman and creating its own brands to offer Montana. The Rail Jam in 2008, featured Mixmaster Mike of Beastie Boys fame.

An example of Chamberlin’s ability to see space and need for an event within a community, The Chamberlin Rail Jam exemplifies Tate’s ability to brand and market, particularly across new mediums and experiences geared towards an ever evolving cadre of locals invested in promoting entertainment entities in like spirit.

The tools provided by evolving media and the borders of event conception appear as bolts in the expanding quiver of Chamberlin Productions. Chamberlin understands the need for useful marketing tools without detracting from the necessity of his staff.

Initially collecting interns and relying on volunteers, Chamberlin Productions enticed numerous one-time helpers into a family of diverse, dedicated and talented individuals. Though his success derives from a preternatural personal drive and humble demeanor, Chamberlin has wisdom in reliance on his colleagues.

Chamberlin developed much like his events over the history of Chamberlin Productions. Townsquare Media sought the creativity and drive ameliorating from the company as necessary assets of performance.

In 2011 Chamberlin and Chamberlin Productions moved into the downtown Townsquare location housing the radio stations and marketing connections that would propel the company into the future.

Having worked with numerous entities and individuals at Townsquare for many years, Chamberlin was welcomed with hearty anticipation as he settled into the position of Events Coordinator for Montana. Anticipation – not in vain as Chamberlin Productions grows in scale and skill from event to event, season to season and year to year.

Events and entities beneath the Chamberlin umbrella continue to grow. Original concepts like the Chamberlin Rail Jam, The Hushush Electronic Festival and The Gallatin Art Crossing flourish.

Other local events such as Montana Beer Festival and The Avalaunch Winter Festival swell further under Tate’s influential innovation. The construction of an extended entertainment experience is now a hallmark of Chamberlin’s events with increasingly welcoming VIP sections and cabanas at certain events, some of which host concepts like silent discos, hot tubs and catering.

Ideas both experimental and proven ornament the thickening hide of the party animal that Chamberlin Productions has become. When questioned about his success or forced before the microphone at any one of his events, Chamberlin is immediately excited and humble, raising a simple hand and dropping his signature giddily thankful “Hi” to his patrons. Hoping that every experience is second only to the next incarnation of any Chamberlin event, Chamberlin carries the duly placed expectations of his community and a love of great times wherever he goes.

Edited by Tristan Abbott

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