Frat raises bucks for Eagle Mount with push-ups

By SUSAN ANDRUS/Montana State News

In January the brothers of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at Montana State University challenged themselves to do 100,000 push-ups by April 27 but not just for fun. They’re doing it to raise money for, Eagle Mount, a local Bozeman non-profit and the fraternity’s own Balanced Man program.

According to MSU junior and Sigma Phi Epsilon brother Ethan Perry, that adds up to 40 push-ups per day, five days a week for each brother.

At mid-semester Perry reports, “We are right on track.” In fact, with only 48,000 push-ups to go, they believe they’ll surpass their goal.

MSU sophomore Jake Losinski has contributed 4,600 push-ups to the goal so far and says that he’s built the challenge into his morning routine. “It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.”

Losinski even challenged himself to do 500 push-ups in one day, but, he thought, “Why not go on and do more?” So, he did do more, 300 more, adding 800 push-ups to the Sigma Phi Epsilon total in one day.

Eagle Mount, one of the beneficiaries of this challenge, is a Bozeman non-profit that provides “therapeutic recreation for people and children with disabilities and cancer.” They offer a wide range of programs including swimming, skiing and horseback riding.

The Balanced Man program offers a scholarship that, according to the Montana Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter’s website, is available to brothers who believe in developing their minds and their bodies to live a more complete and balanced life.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers are still accepting donations or pledges to benefit Eagle Mount and the Balanced Man Program. More information, contact Ethan Perry at

Edited by Trudi Fisher.

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