Student-run literary periodical revived

By MATT YORK/Montana State News

Montana State’s literature and arts publication Read This is returning to campus after nearly a year hiatus from publication.

Published by the English department of Montana State University, Read This is dedicated to the promotion of works of both fiction and non-fiction from students and non-students alike, and has been in publication since the fall semester of 2006.

Read This was founded by John Powers to provide an outlet for creative and vocal writings as an extension of the MSU English Club.

Lack of content, among other challenges, put “Read This” in jeopardy earlier this year. Now however, they are currently putting out a call for new content and submissions for the summer 2012.

The current “Read This” staff is almost all new and is learning the ropes of design, organization, and advertising without the guidance of experienced editors. They are aiming to put out their first issue near the end of March.

“Read This” accepts content in short-fiction, poetry, images, and non-fiction. All submissions can be sent to, and they ask that any fiction and non-fiction items be under 5,000 words and that poetry be no longer than 50 lines.

Edited by Becky Hattersley.

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