Bookmyne program makes Bozeman Library tablet and smartphone friendly

By TRISTAN ABBOTT/ Montana State News

The Bozeman Public Library is turning a new page. The library recently released a new program called BookMyne, which allows readers to access library records on-line. On both the Apple and Android markets, library customers can now reserve books, search titles, and access an account, all from a phone or computer.

This move brings the library into the digital age, keeping them competitive in a world of E-readers and smart phones. With the advent of such devices as the Kindle and the Nook, electronic books have become very popular, allowing readers to access entire volumes at the push of a button. Instead of becoming obsolete, the Bozeman Library has kept in step with this technological development.

Digital books have already been the downfall of one bookstore, the once popular chain Borders closed its doors for good last year on Sept. 30. Almost 400 stores shut down at that time due to their inability to keep up with current trends, and the Bozeman Library, despite being publicly funded, could have shared this fate.

The American Library Association reports that libraries across the country are experiencing similar problems. A survey conducted by the Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study showed that in the fall of 2009, 13 states had reported that there were libraries that were closing their doors. This was either due to a lack of funding or a disinterest from the public.

Karen Muller, from the ALA however, says that this is an unusual trend. “The message should be that the closing of a library is an extreme and unusual measure…and flies in the face of libraries being one of the most valued public services in a community.” With a greater depth of technological advancement, the Bozeman Public Library should be in good hands.

Edited by Jesse Powell.

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