‘Hunger Games’ sensation hits town


The world will be watching – or at least the citizens and students of Bozeman plan to this upcoming weekend when predicted blockbuster “The Hunger Games” opens at midnight on March 23.

The bestselling book trilogy turned feature film is attracting fans from all over the valley who are enraptured by this post-apocalyptic novel that disturbingly mirrors the present state of American government and culture.

As of 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, the Gallatin Valley Cinema had sold a staggering 865 tickets that totaled seven theatres, but Supervisor Alex Miller predicted, “We will have to open up at least two more by midnight.”

While the film is not expected to beat last year’s final Harry Potter in total sales, Miller did say, “This is the first non-sequel movie to open so big in Bozeman and I expect across the globe. ‘The Hunger Games’ have even outsold the last Twilight film.”

Set in a totalitarian society, “The Hunger Games” world is fueled by reality television which the government uses to control its deprived and uninformed citizens. The novels shed considerable light on the glorifications of human suffering and oppression that do exist in the real world of today.

Becca Larson, a student at Montana State University, read the books on a whim during her holiday break this past winter.

“I just wanted a good read, but I was not expecting something that would completely change my views of society,” said Larson who read the entire collection of books in two days.

“I wanted to become a rebel after reading them and I could see just how twisted everything really has become,” she said. Obviously televised teen fights to the death will not be aired on the primetime evening news anytime soon, but many are speculating what would happen if reality television ever ruled the world.

Elizabeth Kasten believes these books will force people to think more about what they watch. “When I first heard of The Hunger Games, I thought it was another Twilight or Harry Potter knock off. Now I see them as an enlightenment that will ensure this could never happen,” said Kasten.

Many have asked if this is just another bestselling teen novel turned silver screen moneymaker, but the students of MSU could not care less.

“We’re just excited to see this novel come to life,” said Kasten who is planning on attending the midnight premiere on March 23. “Of course I’m going to watch it. I bought my ticket three weeks ago, and I am fully prepared to nerd it out.”

Whether or not this movie does make its millions, one thing guaranteed is the monumental excitement for the film from the Bozeman community.

So dim the lights, grab the popcorn, and bring on the apocalypse.

Edited by Megan Higgins.

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