Run to the Pub attracts nearly 2,000 runnders

By TRUDI FISHER/Montana State News

This year marked Bozeman Running Company’s Fifth Annual Run to the Pub, to Pub 317 in downtown Bozeman, on Saturday, March 17. The race attracted nearly 2,000 runners from all kinds of running backgrounds to participate in an early-season 10K and half-marathon.

Proceeds from the event go to local charities: Family Promise, Trails for Horses and Run Bozeman. Each year one participant is drawn randomly for a trip for two to the Dublin (Ireland) Marathon in the fall. Participants are always encouraged to dress in costume for prizes, and top runners in each race and gender are awarded prize money.

This year, top runners in the men’s 10K were Lyle Weese of Bozeman with a time of 29.44.90, Kyle Strode of Helena at 32.42.1 and Flint Shoquett coming in third at 33.28.2. There were 365 men entered in the 10K and 699 women. Top women runners for the 10K were Lindsey Hintz of Bozeman with a time of 35.03.5, Katherine Aune of Missoula at 38.50.0, and Holly Walker from Bozeman coming in third at 39.31.8.

The half-marathon included 223 women and 137 men in the race and the top men’s times came from Chad Wallin from Minot, N.D., at a time of, Ethan Wilhelm of Bozeman at and Scott Sneddon of Billings who crossed the finish line at Women’s top times include Hillary Smith of Bozeman at, Margaret Landberg of Moran, Wyoming at a time of and coming in third for women was Anna Russell of Missoula at a time of

While prizes were handed out for best costume and the Dublin Marathon, they have not yet been published on the Bozeman Running Company website.

There are to be more pub runs, including a run to the pub for Oktoberfest.

Edited by Matt Rule.

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