Fluoride opponents pack city commission meeting

By RANDI TYLER/Montana State News

Many Bozeman citizens stood up for their own opinions on the fluoride in the water issue at the City Commission meeting on Monday night.

Most were in opposition to the idea of adding fluoride to the drinking water, contending that fluoride is a poison. One angry citizen told the board of commissioners, “You’re knowingly choosing to poison your people. “

One woman told how she was part of an experiment in the 1950’s to see how much fluoride a community can handle until it stars showing negative side effects. She blames the experiment for her mother being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the tumors that developed on her brother’s rib cage, her debilitating headaches, and her sister’s sever passiveness – to the point that she was found sitting at the bottom of a pool, not trying to save herself from drowning.

Some people came with questions, which the commission was not able to answer at the meeting. They wanted to know where the fluoride is mined from, how you dose fluoride when it is in water, and who is held accountable if someone gets sick.

Others were there in support of fluoride. They argued that fluoride in the water is an effective means of improving health. Several dentists there spoke about how painful it is to watch a child come in with a mouth full of decaying teeth, saying that there is a significant difference in the amount of decay in a child that lives in a city where fluoride is in the water versus a city where it is not.

However, even with the few people who were in support of fluoride in the water, the general consensus seemed to be that people wanted to have the right to what medicines they ingest and what their children ingest. They described this as a mass-medication and they did not appreciate the city of Bozeman making this decision for them.

Edited by Dezri Rochin

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