Over $440,000 in repairs scheduled for library

By BECKY HATTERSLEY/Montana State News

Hail damage to the Bozeman Public Library from the 2010 storms will be repaired over the summer. The project, originally expected to be over one million dollars, will come in around $440,000 and insurance will cover the cost.

Valley Glass will be replacing the damaged skylights with the same system now in use. The windows’ high R-value, the measure of how well they insulate, will help maintain the building’s LEED certification. According to their proposal to Martel Construction of Bozeman, the cost will be $146, 000.

Summit Roofing will be replacing the roof, a $294,000 project. The metal roof currently in place leaks due the expansion and contraction of the metal with the temperatures, an issue that has been compounded by the hail damage.

James Goehrung, the city facilities supervisor, reported at the October 2011 library board meeting that Martel Construction and StudioForma architects have been “responsive to the leaks” and the number had decreased at that time but not been eliminated.

At the March 21 meeting, discussion centered on the new roof’s rubber membrane construction. “The biggest difference is the 2 inch hail warranty that we will get with the membrane roof,” said Goehrung. That warranty is good for 15 years.

Mark Headley, a StudioForma architect, said that “the new system does not have any metal fasteners. It is completely adhered and that alleviates some of the noise during construction.”

In keeping with the building’s LEED standards, the old roof and insulation will be recycled. The new roof will be the same shade of grey as the existing one and boasts the same level of insulation.

The project is slated to begin on July 5 and is estimated to take 60 days. The roofing and skylight projects will run simultaneously. The board discussed any possible library closures during construction. They stated the goal to keep hours as regular as possible, though opening later on some mornings may be necessary.

Susan Gregory, the library director, said, “everyone involved is equally concerned about minimizing the effects of the construction.”

Edited by Mary Koppy.  

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