City gets behind brain injury effort

By JESSE POWELL/Montana State News

The city commission unanimously approved the mayor’s proclamation Monday night.  The city commission was asked to recognize the Bozeman Brain Injury Support Group and the Brain Injury Association of Montana for supporting those people dealing with brain injuries.

“We want people to know, especially with recent injuries in professional sports and high school sports,” Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss commented during the session’s recess, “that having your bell rung is a brain injury. In the old days it wasn’t considered that serious, but we know now that it sets an athlete up for an injury later-on that could be fatal.”

When asked if brain injury awareness had originated within the Bozeman public schools, Krauss said it had not. Primarily the awareness month would have more immediacy with municipal leagues and clubs. Mayor Sean Becker and Deputy Mayor Krauss confirmed that so far the Bozeman BIAMT Montana had no other plans for further raising public awareness beyond the Mayoral Proclamation.

“I am always willing to participate with something that is organized,” Mayor Becker said, “but as far as I know nothing definite has been.” Mayor Becker expressed his openness to non-profits by saying, “You come up with an event, and I will be there.”

According to the Missoula-based nonprofit’s website, BIAMT held a conference at in Missoula last October. The newsletter has not been updated in a year, but lists the Bozeman area contact as Mary DeBernardis with the phone number (406) 763-4268. Calls for comment on the proclamation were unanswered at the time of this article.

Edited by Tristan Abbott.

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