Student Senate fields apology, considers film proposal

By TRUDI FISHER/Montana State News

Eric Dietrich, editor in chief of the ASMSU Exponent publication apologized to the student Senate Thursday, after being caught in the Strand Union Building with alcohol and a group of students. Dietrich said, “This is the first of many apologies I will be making on our behalf.”

The Senate also heard a proposal to bring Sundance Film Festival films to the Procrastinator Theater.

Sen. Joey Steffans replied to Dietrich’s apology by making a strong encouragement that all people associated with ASMSU need to be careful with decisions they make and actions taken. He also reminded everyone in the meeting that they are all responsible for their own futures.

Sen. Duker spoke immediately after, stating that while it is good to remember to be responsible for actions taken, he does know of certain Senate members who have done similar things and that it is equally important to remember that people make mistakes.

After Dietrich encouraged anyone to email him with further questions about the occurrences, public commentary ended and presentations began.

The current film director at the Procrastinator Theater, Chantell Burry, was showing the senate members a revised budget for the theater and mentioned that she would like to see Sundance Film Festival films playing in the Procrastinator next March.

When asked to elaborate on her plan to do so, she gave details of what it would mean to get the films in Bozeman, how that would logistically happen and why that would be an important and interesting thing for MSU students.

In addition to these things, members voted to approve funds (that have been a part of student fees) to go toward fixing up the seats and floors in Leon Johnson 336 and EPS 103 for the safety of students, two large lecture halls which many MSU students use. These plans have been put together by a committee of architects in charge of planning important projects around campus.

Many other items were discussed including the budget and it was brought up several times that the interest of students at MSU should be taken into account when making all important decisions.

Edited by Matt Rule.

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