High school day care closing over finances

By JODI WILSON/Montana State News

The Hawks Nest day care, which provides day care services to students enrolled in Bozeman’s Bridger Alternative Program (BAP), and more recently to employees of the school district, will be shut down at the end of this school year, leaving 21 families without childcare and eight employees without jobs.

The day care provides services for 25 children, ranging from infant to toddler, but only four of those children belong to students of the BAP, which the service was created for.

Students attending the alternative program will still be able to count on the 20-year-old service that Bozeman’s school district has provided, which attempts to help pregnant teens and teen mothers finish their high school career while also learning how to care for their child.

The employees of the school will have to search elsewhere for daycare services.

The decision to terminate the eight employees was voted on unanimously during Monday’s Bozeman School Board meeting.  This decision was made due to financial concerns, as the day care is creating a loss of revenue for the district, which is already facing budget cuts in the coming year.

While addressing upset parents and employees at the meeting, Superintendent Kirk Miller stated, “It’s a very tough and hard decision, but it’s a budget decision.”

Edited by Sam Brown

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