Program aims at raising rape awareness

By BRIANNA SCHUTZ/Montana State News

Awareness towards rape has become a hot topic at MSU in the last few weeks. However, it is not a topic that the VOICE Center has ever put on the backburner in their offices.

A new campaign, “Not in Our House” was recently created by the MSU VOICE Center called Student’s Against Sexual Assault, and Men Stopping Rape. This however has been an idea in the works for some time, not initiated by the recent string of publicized sexual assaults near the MSU campus or in the University of Montana community.

MSR president, Adam Arlint, explained that the “Not in Our House” campaign was designed to take a stand again sexual assault. He said that nationwide many universities have been getting a lot of bad attention surrounding the topic and MSU wanted to flip that role and get attention for being proactive.

The “Not in Our House” campaign is going to be used to get student organizations involved in violence prevention and aims to get groups such as athletic teams, fraternities and sororities to take pledges against violence, as opposed to the individual pledges they have already been taking. Arlint explained that individual pledges are powerful, but getting full groups to commit to the pledge is even more so.

MSU VOICE center has a 24-hour hotline available to any student who is in need of assistance; whether it be sexual violence, relationship violence or stalking. This same help is also available to people struggling coping with these issues happening to someone they love and are close with. The number for the 24-hour hotline is 406-994-7069.

Edited by, Meghan O’Neal.

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