“The Dance” comes to Bozeman Public Library

By ANGIE R. FORD/Montana State News

The Bozeman Public Library will be getting a new sculpture to grace the center of the roundabout  that now stands empty, due to the recent removal of “One World, One Water.”

“One World, One Water” had made its home in Bozeman for almost exactly a year, arriving April 12, 2011, and being removed at 6:30 a.m. April 4, 2012. It was enjoyed by many, and will be sorely missed.

The sculpture was on loan from its creator, Denver artist Rik Sargent, and its stay was sponsored by Project WET, a Bozeman based water education nonprofit. The sculpture depicts the water cycle and was inspired by Project WET’s lessons. It shows 20 different habitats and over 100 animals.

Back in 2011, Project WET was preparing to hold a conference in Bozeman, and brought in the sculpture as part of its preparation. It was supposed to remain for only six months, but when the time was up, Bozeman Library Foundation director Paula Beswick lobbied to keep the sculpture longer. It happened that the sculpture’s new home, the Metropolitan State College of Denver, wasn’t ready for it to be placed yet, so the library got to keep it until last Wednesday.

Beswick said that she tried to keep the sculpture here longer, and will miss it tremendously. “Private art instructors used to bring their students here to draw it. MSU architectural students used to come and study it as well.”

The sculpture that will take the place of honor in the roundabout will be in place in less than a month. The piece is called “The Dance.” The sculptors name is Erik ‘Ole’ Nelson. This sculpture will be part of the Gallatin Art Crossing show. The art reception and tours will be July 21, outside the front Library Plaza, at 5 p.m.

For more information,  see www.gallatinartcrossing.com.

Edited by Matt York.

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