Meeting set to push carbon sequestration effort

By RILEY PITTENGER/Montana State News

The annual Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership meeting, scheduled for April 18-19 in Great Falls, will cover many issues of sustainability and environmental awareness concerning carbon and renewable energy sources.

The BSCSP addresses the effect of carbon emissions and waste in Montana, the largest project being the Kevin Dome carbon storage project north of Shelby. The project involves storing carbon dioxide within a naturally occurring, subterranean dome that already contains carbon dioxide.

This is offered as a near-term solution to the slow adoption of sustainable and renewable energy resources that necessitates the continued use of fossil fuels and other carbon waste producing energies.

“The meeting is an opportunity for the community to engage and learn about the domestic energy options available to Montana,” said Kathryn Watson, a BSCSP representative.

“The Kevin Dome project is a near-term response to the long-term issue of sustainable energy” Watson added.

Until then, the Kevin Dome project is a location to store carbon dioxide waste in a naturally occurring geologic feature without negatively affecting the environment.

The meeting will feature 25 speakers from universities and energy companies in addition to state and federal representatives. Open to the public, the BSCSP invites any and all to attend in the interest of spreading awareness of domestic energy options and the future of sustainable fuels.

Edited by Susan Andrus.

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