Business Journal expands with local economy

By BECKY HATTERSLEY/Montana State News

Gallatin County can expect to see a labor income growth of around 3.2 percent for the next four years.

This statistic, from the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Growth, shows the effect of increasing business and employment opportunities in the area.

The Business Journal, a special section of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, has re-vamped its contents to keep up with the growth trend.

Bozeman, the economic center of the Gallatin County, accounts for just over 40 percent of its population according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  This number won’t be going anywhere but up, according to projections.

“We are definitely going to continue to be one of the fastest growing areas of the state,” said Stuart Leidner, executive director of Prospera, a Bozeman based economic development organization.

Formerly known as the “B2B”, the Journal adopted a new name to go with its new look. Since March, it has featured several new sections including the “Bottom Line” and the “Industry Roundup.”

Colorful charts and graphs highlight statistics such as airport boardings, Yellowstone National Park visits, the local unemployment rate[BW2]  and retail and real estate indicators.

The “Business Calendar” and “On The Record” sections have grown too. These include patents filed, bankruptcies, buildings permits and upcoming events.

“These listings are what makes it really useful for business people,” said Jason Bacaj, the journal’s new editor.

The Journal’s biggest change will come later this year when it gets its own separate website linked to the Chronicle’s main page.

“You need to have an online presence as well as the print version,” said Bacaj. “We feel like that’s where business is moving.”

The twenty-page newspaper insert will get additional columnists and content with its new online platform.

“We can hopefully grow it out a bit as people hear more about it and know how to get in it,” said Bacaj.

Edited by Mary Koppy.

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