Chronicle follows trend in diversification

By BECKY HATTERSLEY/Montana State News

Nearly a quarter of Americans get their news on at least two digital devices.

According to the Pew Research Center a large and growing percent of people frequent the internet, especially social media outlets intended for information sharing.

EMarketer reports that 133 million people, or 54 percent of the U.S. Population, are active Facebook users. Twitter reports 24 million active users in the U.S.

In an average week, 74 percent of all Internet users rely on local newspaper media – digital as well as print – as key sources of news and information, and are engaging with their local newspaper across multiple platforms, according to a recent study by the Newspaper Association of America.

In the recent years, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle has adapted to keep up this trend. “Three years ago we were ‘digital now,’ last year was our 100 anniversary, and now we’re connecting in more ways than ever,” said Rachel Hergett, a Chronicle columnist.

“We have increased the number of platforms we have put it on. You need to meet the readers where they are at, on the avenue they are consuming media from,” said Ted Sullivan, assistant managing editor.

Reporters are “going to tweet about it, take a video of it, maybe even take still pictures, post a breaking news brief online, and then write a follow up the next day.”

Chronicle reporters post news on Facebook, Twitter  and various blogs.

“They are entry points to the same thing, back to the Chronicle,” said Hergett.

The Chronicle now has two apps available for mobile devices along with a mobile website optimized for tablets. It offers subscriptions ranging from the full daily paper to an online electronic version with a printed copy of the Sunday paper.

Their core is still in made-for-print articles. “It all comes down to strong journalists and strong writing. You can blog all you want, but you need the content as the foundation,” said Chronicle reporter Whitney Bermes.

Edited by Mary Koppy.

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