Walmart debunks gun sales rumors

By PATRICK HILL/Montana State News

Recent mass shootings have sparked social media site rumors that Walmart is discontinuing the sale of ammunition and the AR style semiautomatic rifle blamed for many shooting deaths.

The rumors  have caused mass buying among consumers, and in years past led to ammo rationing and limits on purchases per day.

But Walmart officials say there’s no basis for the rumors.

“Recently, there have been media reports that Walmart is no longer selling ammunition. Those reports are inaccurate,” says Walmart spokesperson Kayla Whaling. “Stores that sell ammunition and firearms are continuing to offer the same product assortment in this category.”

But the run on guns and ammo have left many Walmart sporting goods department shelves empty.

“Inventory levels of ammunition will vary from store to store and we are working with suppliers to replenish our inventory,” Whaling says, “We are reviewing inventory levels on a daily basis and the company is shipping ammunition to stores that do not have the product to meet the current demand from their customers.”

— Edited by Maddie Sherrier

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