Check snafus plague Target customers

By PATRICK CARROLL/Montana State News

On occasion, local and nationwide Target stores have been denying payment in the form of written checks.

Susan Carroll, a citizen of Bozeman, recently went to Target to pick up around $60 worth of goods, she said. She attempted to write a check to cover the payment, but the store clerk denied it.

“I had just come from Costco, and I wrote a check there and it went through no problem,” said Carroll. “The store clerk wouldn’t accept my debit card either, saying I had a problem with my bank account that needed to be cleared up.”

Carroll checked her bank account status immediately afterward on her computer and found that there were no problems.

Carroll then called customer service at the Target headquarters in Minneapolis. She said the Target representative was unhelpful.

“He actually suggested I go to the Target store, back to the same register, and stand there and call a number to get an IT (information technology) guy to do a diagnostic on the register to find out why my check was unaccepted.”

According to news reports, similar incidents have occurred throughout the country. Annette Tierney attempted to apply for the Target Redcard, a debit card that saves customers 5 percent on all purchases, and was denied “due to a lack of check writing history with Target.” Rosalie Zamora faced the same problem because she had “some negative reporting from a reporting agency called Certegy,” a news article stated.

According to Certegy’s Web site, the agency “provides check authorization and guarantee services to merchants and businesses nationwide.”

Many people have reported having problems with Certegy in the past, according to reports listed on the Consumer Affairs Web site. One respondent suggested that “if businesses care about their customers, then they would stop using Certegy.”

Edited by Nathan Voeller

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