Locals get a taste of street self-defense

By LEVI WORTS/Montana State News

Worts Levi - Jan 31, 2013 605 PM - shoulder throw
An instructor throws a fellow instructor during a self-defense seminar recently in Bozeman.

A free self-defense seminar shocked Bozeman citizens last Saturday when demonstrators, using a real knife, showed the effectiveness of their program. Spencer Steiner, owner and primary instructor of Core Combat, ran the exhibition. He said the program focuses on, “resolution training.”

The instructors also treated the participants to full contact demonstrations by attacking Spencer in a variety of ways. However, he thwarted each attack with ease. He stressed to the class that there are a number of ways they would learn to defend themselves.

Core Combat focuses on protecting yourself from an attack on the streets.  This includes physical attacks by an assailant wielding knives, bats or guns of varying natures.  The instructors also insist on mitigating injury from the attacker during this process.

Lea, one of the instructors, commented on how she feels about Core Combat: “You are more confident, you can actually take down a guy much bigger than yourself.”  It is with this idea that program organizers say they wish to attract both female and male students. During an interview, Lea also stated that participants will have, “a lot better endurance, lot better strength,” and, “overall self-confidence.

During the seminar, participants practiced a variety of moves chosen to show the simplicity and effectiveness of “resolution training.”  The participants observed precision techniques demonstrated by Steiner and his three instructors.  Then they practiced the moves, with help from current students, for themselves.

Spencer and his instructors have a variety of martial arts backgrounds. These styles focus primarily in Krav Maga, commando training, Russian Systema and Aikido.  He believes that by incorporating these different elements a student will be, “walking the streets a lot better,” especially, he  said, “When you are with your family.”

The program, which takes place every Monday and Wednesday at 7 p.m., is located at Montana MMA off of North Seventh Avenue.

Edited by Michele McDonald

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