Consumer reporting agencies suspected in check denials

By PATRICK CARROLL/Montana State News

Consumer reporting agencies such as Certegy Check Services have been implicated by consumers in the denial of written checks used at businesses such as Target and Wal-Mart.

According to Certegy’s Web site, the agency “provides check authorization and guarantee services to merchants and businesses nationwide.”

Many people have reported that their checks have been denied and were told by merchants to call the agency, according to news reports. Certegy said they denied checks to protect both the businesses and customers.

According to a news report, Rosalie Zamora was told by Target that she had “some negative reporting” from Certegy and called the agency. She was told to call “another consumer reporting agency, Telecheck, which found an unpaid debt with ACCS (American Corrective Counseling Services) Bad Check Restitution.” Zamora later “found out that her information had been mixed up with that of someone who had previously bounced a check.”

According to another respondent, consumers “need to hold accountable the businesses who use Certegy, especially in light of all the complaints against them.”

However, one news report indicated that consumer reporting agencies are not solely responsible for check denials. Merchants are the ones who “decide whether to accept individual checks,” but Certegy does “help the merchant make that decision.”

– Edited by Nathan Voeller

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