CPR training allows pets to breathe easy

By REBECCA MARSTON/ Montana State News

Bozeman pet owners now have the opportunity learn how to administer animal first aid and CPR at a training session sponsored by Tiny Tails K-9 Rescue.

“It is a good idea for families with pets to know what to do in an emergency situation with their pets,” said Diana Paulas, a volunteer with Tiny Tails. “Knowing when something is wrong and being able to stabilize your animal, until you can get them to the vet for more treatment can save their life.”

Tiny Tails puts on various safety classes—which run between one and six hours—several times a year to keep people informed on how to keep their animals safe. Their next event will be an hour-long training session on Thursday, Feb. 21. Paulas said the session will primarily deal with how to properly administer first-aid.

“We found that there was a lot of people who wanted to learn more about how to care for their animals if they’re injured or ill,” said Paulas. “So, one of our volunteers became certified for teaching Animal First Aid and CPR.”

Founded by Richard D. Stafford, Tiny Tails is a nonprofit that works to help shelter, spay, neuter and vaccinate stray dogs and cats.

Last year, Tiny Tails found families for over 50 cats and nearly 70 dogs. They also spayed and neutered 358 animals and provided 441 low-cost vaccinations. Other services include senior-to-senior adoptions, emergency pet food or foster care, and cross-country transport of pets.

The nonprofit is entirely powered by volunteers and community donations. Headquartered in Manhattan, Mont., the organization has branched out to also serve Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming and North Dakota.

After the animal first-aid class, people are encouraged to sign up for the American Red Cross Certified training course for animal first aid and CPR. Of the funds received, for these classes 98 percent goes towards helping animals, while 2 percent is used for licenses and fees.

The hour training session will be at Paws and People, LLC gym. It is free and open to the public, but donations of dog food, treats, and toys are accepted.

– Edited by Kaylee M. Walden

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