Planetarium to reopen with latest technology

By ALYSSA BURZYNSKI/Montana State News

The Taylor Planetarium at the Museum of the Rockies will soon be one of the first planetariums to use the latest in digital planetarium projector technology.

The Evan and Sutherland Digistar Five digital projector will make the experience seem as if one is viewing a big city planetarium, according to museum officials, who said the MOR is also getting a collection of new shows better suited for the projector’s capability as well as shows that reflect the most current research.

The planetarium, which seats 104 viewers, is slated to reopen March 2. The proceeds from the Feb. 9 Museum Ball, which usually raises funds for Opening Doors for Montana Schoolchildren Fund, are going to the Taylor Planetarium this year.

Over 1.2 million people have experienced the Taylor Planetarium since it opened its doors in 1989.  However, the planetarium provides more than just entertainment, according to Museum of the Rockies officials, who estimate that 88 percent of planetarium viewers are there on school related activities.

– Edited by Codie Wyers



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