Tuition refund policies clarified


Montana State University’s own brand of urban myths hold that students will get their tuition paid for if they are hit by a university-owned car on campus and be awarded all A’s in their classes if their roommate dies.

Assistant Dean of Students Erin Peck recently laid these rumors to rest. “Yes, I have heard these myths but I can assure you that they are not true,” she said

According to Peck the free tuition rumor started years ago when a student was hit by a vehicle on campus. His tuition was in fact refunded, not because this is a general rule for the university but because the injuries he sustained kept him from completing the remainder of the semester.

The Retroactive University Withdrawal Policy states that refunds can be issued if the students have a debilitating illness or injury that significantly limits his/her capacity to attend classes for the semester.

When asked about the supposed semester of automatic A’s if your roommate passes away, Peck said “I have actually never heard that one, yet again it is untrue. However we do give anywhere from 50 to 100 percent refunded due to a health or safety emergency within the student’s immediate family. It all depends on the time frame.”

The formal policy at MSU explains that a student who leaves campus without withdrawing their registration will receive “F” grades in all courses for which they are registered.

Peck went on to add that, in general, the dean of students have the final jurisdictions in all circumstances regarding tuition refunds.

– Edited by Patrick Hill and Cassidy Geoghegan

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