Albertson’s stores to be sold

By MELINDA PEIRCE/Montana State News

Cerberus Capital Management is buying Albertson’s stores across the U.S.  According to Eric Linville, manager at the Livingston Albertson’s, no one will notice this change, including the employees and customers.  The store, its personnel and products will operate as usual.

Beyond that, “you probably know as much as I do, so I can’t say much,” Linville said.

The sale was announced by The Associated Press on Jan. 14. 

Supervalu decided to make the sale of Albertson’s and a few smaller chain stores so it can focus on their stores like those in the firm’s Cub, Farm Fresh and Shop ‘n Save chains. Supervalu says the sale is part of a strategy to deal with the fact that larger box stores are hurting their revenue.

Cerberus bought 655 underperforming Albertson’s store, selling off some of those and focusing on the stable stores and locations.

For more information on stats and financials please visit and type in: “Albertson’s.”

– Edited by Kevin Knapek

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