Lizards to arrive at Museum of the Rockies

By CLARK MOORMAN/Montana State News

Lizards might be the last thing on most Bozemanites minds this time of year, but a new exhibit set to open soon at the Museum of the Rockies might just change that. On Feb. 22, Bozeman’s natural history museum will open its new traveling exhibit, entitled “Geckos: From Tails to Toepads”.

The exhibit, curated by Clide Peeling’s Reptiland in Allenwood, Pa. will feature 14 different species of live geckos and an expert care taker who will be present to feed the lizards and answer any questions curious visitors may have.

Angie Weikert, the Museum’s education and public programs director, said the museum chose to feature geckos to provide locals with an experience they might otherwise never have, as geckos are not found in Montana. “At the Museum of the Rockies, we have an unofficial motto: ‘Bring the world to Montana, and bring Montana to the world.’” Continue reading “Lizards to arrive at Museum of the Rockies”

Skiers, riders hoping for more snow … soon

By RACHEL ANDERSON/Montana State News

Snow sports enthusiasts are eager for the next winter storm-system to hit Lone Mountain and the Bridger Range.

Spring-like temperatures have made conditions less than desirable for avid skiers and snowboarders. With temperatures reaching into the mid-forties, the snow is slowing beginning to melt away.

Rock exposure is causing already difficult terrain to become more technical to maneuver. Backcountry terrain is unsafe because of avalanche danger. Continue reading “Skiers, riders hoping for more snow … soon”

TEDxBozeman returns with ‘Pioneer Spirit’


The third annual TEDxBozeman event will focus on a “Pioneer Spirit” theme through innovative ideas of modern day Montana pioneers and those of its past, according the organization’s website.

TED, is a national nonprofit organization that works to spread innovative ideas from world scholars and other experts, according to the website. With the stated goal of spreading knowledge, TEDx events are independently organized to create similar TED experiences in a local setting.

For those who have never attended a TEDx event, marketing official for TEDxBozeman Scott Kundert said that attendees should “expect an event which is an interactive, engaging, and compelling experience.” Continue reading “TEDxBozeman returns with ‘Pioneer Spirit’”

Local shoppers hit by Target hackers

By KERRY BYRNES/Montana State News

Local shoppers have found themselves caught up in the hacking of personal information from credit card transactions at Target stores.

Last December, hackers gained unauthorized access to credit and debit card data and personal information for over 100 million Target shoppers nationwide. Bozeman resident Graham Kennedy said he’s more careful with finances after fraudulent charges related to the Target breach appeared on his bank statement.

“It did make me more conscious of checking my statements quite frequently, and to be much more careful with the usage of my card,” Kennedy said, adding that the fraudulent charges amounted to $82.78. Continue reading “Local shoppers hit by Target hackers”

Flu season in full swing in the region

By KAITLYN NICHOLAS/Montana State News

Over 120 flu cases have been reported within Gallatin County alone in the past month. Four of these patients required hospitalization, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cascade County reports nearly 130 patients have also contracted the disease.

In the past two weeks, 93 cases of the flu were diagnosed in Gallatin County, an indication that the flu season is in full swing. The CDC reported two additional strains of influenza had also appeared in the region. Continue reading “Flu season in full swing in the region”

Snow, varied temps create high avalanche risk

By JENNIFER WEBSTER/Montana State News

Skiing and snowmobiling extremists face the threat of high avalanche dangers this season with the fluctuating temperatures and snowstorms in southwest Montana, according to local snow experts.

Twenty-four-year-old Bozeman native Chad Green is all too familiar with avalanches and the danger they possess.  Green, who has lost his cousin, uncle, and most recently his father in April 2010 due to avalanche tragedies says, “Snow stability this year is very weak because of the cold snap, and then the heat soon to follow put a heavy layer of snow on top of a very weak layer of faucets.”

Eric Knoff, an avalanche specialist at the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center mentions that the snow stability changes every year. “Last year there were no deaths from avalanches, which hasn’t occurred in 12 years, because the snowpack was stable.” Continue reading “Snow, varied temps create high avalanche risk”

Season starts for Bozeman adult curling league

By DANIELLE MARTIN/Montana State News

As the night chill settled in after sunset, a handful of onlookers and league curlers gathered on an ice sheet Tuesday for the inaugural night of Bozeman’s first curling league.

Participants in the first day of Bozeman's fledgling curling league choosing team captains, known as "skips." Curling "stones" lay on the ice at their feet.
Participants in the first day of Bozeman’s fledgling curling league choosing team captains, known as “skips.” Curling “stones” lay on the ice at their feet.

Started by the Bozeman Recreation Department and Adam Turner of the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association (BAHA), the league’s first meeting at Southside Park on Fifth Avenue and College Street drew people of all ages to the curling sheet to try their hand at the Olympic sport.

“This is the first time we’ve done this and the response has been tremendous,” said Jamie Saitta, the Bozeman recreation manager. Continue reading “Season starts for Bozeman adult curling league”

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