Company responds to video game shortage

By JON-PAUL GALEAS/Montana State News

According to a GameStop press release, GameStop’s supply of Sony’s PlayStation 4 has run out, but they are rushing to meet consumers’ demand. Since its initial launch on Nov. 15, every retail store in the United States, including GameStop, has been out of stock of the PlayStation 4.

What GameStop is telling consumers is that they actually do have PlayStation 4’s in stock, but these systems cannot be purchased alone.

Right now, the only way to get one is to buy it as part of a bundle that includes either two or more games or extra accessories that the consumer might not want. confirms that the PlayStation 4 alone is indeed sold out, but the site still has bundles available for purchase.

“As expected, we experienced tremendous customer demand for the new PS4 console during the initial launch and throughout the holiday season, selling out of the consoles just as quickly as we could stock them,” said Darron Nielsen, senior merchant for GameStop. “We have been working closely with Sony to replenish our inventory levels of the PS4 as quickly as possible to ensure [that] the many customers [who are] still looking to purchase one are able to do so.”

Sony’s PlayStation 4 retails for $399.99, and games retail for $59.99 each. The PlayStation 4 bundles at GameStop retail for between $509.97 and $569.96.

Edited by Clark Moorman

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