Accused rapist described as ‘socially awkward’

By CLARK MOORMAN/Montana State News

As of early Friday morning, Bozeman police are still searching for Kevin Briggs, the man who escaped from the Gallatin County Law and Justice Center on Saturday, Feb. 1, after being arrested for charges including rape and assault with a weapon. Briggs escaped from the building in broad daylight while left unattended in an unlocked room used for questioning.

At the time of his most recent arrest, Briggs was a registered sex offender and a student at MSU. A former classmate of Briggs’ who wishes to remain anonymous described Briggs as “socially awkward … several times he would wear a bike helmet to class and would keep it on the whole time.”

Local police first alerted the student population and the local news media through a Montana State University alert sent out shortly after noon on Saturday. According to the police, he should be considered dangerous and potentially armed and should not be approached.

Briggs is described in the MSU alert as a white, 28-year-old male with dark hair and a medium build. Upon his escape, Briggs was wearing a dark hooded jacket and green pants.

On Sunday morning, MSU sent out another alert regarding an assault and attempted rape of a young woman that occurred late Saturday night at 15th Street South and Koch Street. The woman fought back against her male attacker and was unharmed, according to the alert. However, the attacker fled the scene and has not been identified.  He is described as being a white male in his mid-twenties with a light build and light brown hair.

Police say there is most likely no link between the two incidents.

The police are asking the public to alert them immediately if they spot Briggs or have any information regarding his whereabouts at 406-582-2000 for the Bozeman Police Department or at 406-994-2121 for the MSU Police Department.

– Edited by Jon-Paul Galeas

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