Ex-Navy Seal fights pain with nutrition


Health and fitness is about more than just looking good for U.S. Navy Veteran Dan McGuinness. Having suffered a back injury during deployment, McGuinness fought hard to return to his former health, using nutrition and fitness.

Now, McGuinness is bringing his belief in good health and fitness to Bozeman through his new store, Complete Nutrition at 1531 W. Main Avenue, Ste. 103. Complete Nutrition is a nationwide franchise of consultative nutritional supplement stores, but being locally owned and operated by McGuinness, makes the store far more personal.

“I am living proof that health, fitness and nutrition can literally change your life,” said McGuinness. “I want to share the knowledge of health and fitness that I’ve gained, with Bozeman residents so they can change their lives as well.”

While on deployment in 2008 with Navy Seal team 8, McGuinness sustained a back injury that resulted in impaired mobility and the need to walk with a cane. Doctors prescribed a variety of pain killers and drugs to combat the continuous pain. But McGuinness said he was discouraged by their numerous negative side effects which included extreme mood swings and lessening his already minor mobility.

He decided to stop the drugs and researched ways to heal the body naturally through nutrition and exercise. His improved diet helped reduce inflammation and in 2012, after gaining enough weight and strength he decided to go on a 1,300-mile journey through the Appalachian Mountains with the goal of teaching himself to walk properly again.

In the beginning he walked slowly, only five miles per day. Close to the end of the trek he was walking nearly 26 miles per day.

McGuiness said that being a part of the Complete Nutrition franchise – which is the fastest growing in the nation with 175 stores so far – is the perfect opportunity for him to share his story and personal experiences on just how vital quality nutrition and exercise are to overall health.

“Complete Nutrition is about lasting results, not quick fixes or miracle cures,” McGuinness says. “Excellent nutrition and challenging fitness has helped me to recover so many things I thought I’d lost and I want to help others do the same.”

– Edited by Rachel Anderson    



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