MSU tops among state campuses for burglaries

Burglary rate is highest at MSU


More burglaries have occurred at Montana State University than at the state’s other two largest campuses.

Out of MSU-Bozeman, MSU-Billings and University of Montana, the Bozeman campus reported the most burglaries between 2010 and 2012 at 45, according to the MSU Police Department website, which defines burglary as the unlawful entry into a building with the intent of committing a crime. The highest number occurred in 2012 when 18 burglaries were reported.

MSU-Billings reports five burglaries and UM reported nine during the same time period, according to each campus’s website.

Asked about MSU-Bozeman dubious distinction, MSU Police Chief Robert Putzke said, “I don’t know because there are so many factors in the equation.” Continue reading “MSU tops among state campuses for burglaries”

Snowpack-fire season connection questioned


The conventional wisdom has been to equate heavy winter snowpack with a relatively mild fire season in the ensuing summer months.

But this may not be the case.

“Winter snowpack and even winter precipitation levels do not have a direct correlation to severity or length of fire season in the Northern Rockies,” said Ted Mead, the chief of the Fire and Aviation Management Bureau.

The 2012 season had the most fires and acreage burned with 410 fires and 523,231 acres. That year had the most acreage burned in Montana since 1910, according to the Billings Gazette. In June 2012, Bozeman saw .72 inches of precipitation, according to Weather Warehouse. The previous months were fairly normal, indicating that the early spring and winter precipitation was not a factor in the number or intensity of fires during 2012. Continue reading “Snowpack-fire season connection questioned”

A desire to get away leads to Marine career

By JON-PAUL GALEAS/Montana State News

Gunnery Sgt. William Galeas stands amongst a group of his military personnel. He is not aware of his personage, he does not impose his separation, he does not call for pomp.

“I am confident, I am arrogant, I am proud,” the very words being recited from “Old Glory” bring up the memory of his decision to become a Marine.

Galeas is retiring after 25 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Continue reading “A desire to get away leads to Marine career”

Icy plunge a breath-taking experience

By SABRINA HAYES/Montana State News

The wind picked up just in time as I prepared to jump into the freezing waters of the East Gallatin Recreation Area with the other 170 plungers for the 13th annual Polar Plunge in Bozeman. President’s Day began warm and sunny – slightly breezy.

The author, second from right, following a plunge into the icy waters of the East Gallatin Recreation area to raise money for Special Olympics Montana.
The author, second from right, following a plunge into the icy waters of the East Gallatin Recreation area to raise money for Special Olympics Montana.

I joked as I registered the team, “I bet this wind picks up in about half an hour when we’re jumping in.”

Dressed in costume among the other Avengers, divas and devils, we stood above the lake, watching down the red carpet leading to the ice. Before plungers arrived, event organizers used chainsaws to cut through the thick ice to get to the freezing water, leaving a small area for plungers.

As my partner and I ran down the hill to the water I wished only that I had worn shoes. By the time I reached the slush and bits of ice in the ankle deep water, the pieces cut like knives against my freezing feet. It was almost a relief to leave the shallows and plunge.

Then I forgot how to breathe. My body and my brain froze. The volunteers in wetsuits were there to make sure I didn’t drown and the volunteers outside the water, there to help me get out, reached out their hands. But my brain wasn’t functioning. As I scrambled on the ice, they eventually half lifted me out by the armpits. Continue reading “Icy plunge a breath-taking experience”

Plans afoot to address Bridger parking woes

By MORGAN SOLOMON/Montana State News 

With 10 inches of new snow overnight, Bridger Bowl Ski Resort announced through their snow-phone and Facebook page that parking lots were completely filled by 9 a.m. on Saturday.

“The line of cars was backed up at least 5 miles,” said Paige Maskill, who was volunteering with Eagle Mount at Bridger on Saturday. “It was past Olson Creek Jeep Road at least.”

With the growing popularity of the community-owned ski hill, this scene is becoming more and more common.

According to Gallatin County’s Bridger Bowl Base Area Plan, the ski resort is limited to 1,500 parking spaces due to zoning restrictions. As a result, many skiers and riders participate in the “any space without a restriction sign is a parking space” guidelines.

According to Doug Wales, the Marketing Director for Bridger Bowl, the parking lots weren’t full until about 10 a.m., but with the long line of cars coming through the canyon, a message was put out to the public early.

He said efforts are under way to address the situation. Continue reading “Plans afoot to address Bridger parking woes”

Zombie apocalypse to return to campus


The zombie apocalypse will arrive at Montana State University’s campus from April 3 to April 9.  TAG, the Tactical Action Gaming club, is hosting a game of Humans vs. Zombies, or HvZ for short.

TAG president Josh Thornton said, “Humans Vs Zombies is a large scale, multi-day Zombie-themed game of tag that takes place over the course of a week all across MSU’s campus.”

But why?

Esquire magazine tries to explain the zombie craze, saying, “A zombie war gives the pleasurable illusion of agency over the dead, as if there’s something that can be done about them, as if they are monsters who can be defeated.” Continue reading “Zombie apocalypse to return to campus”

Ex-Navy Seal fights pain with nutrition


Health and fitness is about more than just looking good for U.S. Navy Veteran Dan McGuinness. Having suffered a back injury during deployment, McGuinness fought hard to return to his former health, using nutrition and fitness.

Now, McGuinness is bringing his belief in good health and fitness to Bozeman through his new store, Complete Nutrition at 1531 W. Main Avenue, Ste. 103. Complete Nutrition is a nationwide franchise of consultative nutritional supplement stores, but being locally owned and operated by McGuinness, makes the store far more personal.

“I am living proof that health, fitness and nutrition can literally change your life,” said McGuinness. “I want to share the knowledge of health and fitness that I’ve gained, with Bozeman residents so they can change their lives as well.” Continue reading “Ex-Navy Seal fights pain with nutrition”

Virtual reality could soon become a reality

By JON-PAUL GALEAS/Montana State News

Since the time video games became part of gamer’s lives, they’ve all wondered and dreamed of the day we can leave the controllers and TV’s behind and enter virtual reality.

“You spend countless hours playing these games that take place in another reality and sometimes you wonder, what if I could actually play in that world? Be a part of the game and be in that world.” Said local gamer Javi Grandia

Though Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift, an independent company’s own virtual reality gaming headset that was funded through Kickstarter, has been at the forefront of the virtual reality comeback, Sony has been rumored to be secretly working on a VR headset of their very own. Continue reading “Virtual reality could soon become a reality”

Briggs captured; headed back to Bozeman

By SCOTT PHELAN/Montana State News

According to a Montana State University alert message, the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force has arrested Kevin Briggs in Portland, Ore.

Briggs was wanted for escaping from the Bozeman Police Department on Feb. 1. He was originally arrested on charges of aggravated assault, attempted sexual intercourse without consent, and assault on a police officer.

According to the clerk of Multnomah County Courthouse Briggs waived extradition during his initial arraignment hearing.

The clerk declined to release any information on when or how Briggs would be transported back to Bozeman. Continue reading “Briggs captured; headed back to Bozeman”

MSU track team heads to championship

By MAKENZIE JOHNSON/ Montana State News

The MSU track team leaves Thursday for this weekend’s Indoor Big Sky Conference Championship held in Pocatello, Idaho.

Michael Asay, a fourth-year distance runner, is going into the weekend ranked sixth in the Big Sky Conference in the mile. He is signed up for the 3,000 meter run, the mile, and DMR (distance medley relay). The men’s DMR team is ranked first.

“We don’t know what we’re ranked as a team yet,” Asay says of the team’s expected rank in conference.

He says that competing schools to watch will be Northern Arizona University and Southern Utah. Continue reading “MSU track team heads to championship”

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