Brewmaster loves sharing his passion for beer

By DANIELLE MARTIN/Montana State News

On a drizzly Sunday afternoon Bar 3 Bar-B-Q in Belgrade is hardly full. With the weekend brunch rush just ending, a few employees sit at the bar at the end of their shift along with a few regulars. The room is bright and inviting despite the weather with picnic tables lining the windows overlooking the train tracks that run through the center of town.

A sign shaped like the state of Montana says “Drink Local” and old black-and-white photographs adorn the brightly painted walls. As a train rumbles by a few feet from the window a servers says, “Oh no the train, sometimes we have to shut the windows it’s so loud.” The patrons don’t seem fazed, though, as they continue sipping and chatting away.

In the remodeled blue warehouse the room is a mixture of innovation and nostalgia. Todd Hough, the owner and brewer of Outlaw Brewing located inside Bar 3 said he fell in love with beer after a trip to Belgium in 1996 and knew he wanted to make it his career.

Hough isn’t there yet, but the customers and employees have nothing but great things to say about him. One local on his way out the door says, “Todd is my favorite brewer. He’s just weird and funny and great.”

A server offers small book and says “All you need to know about Todd is in this book.” It is “The Mustache Growers Guide.” She points to the cover and says, “It’s a cross between that one and that one” pointing to two outlandish mustaches and the other employees laugh.  Continue reading “Brewmaster loves sharing his passion for beer”

Cafe more than a business for its owner


Tiffany Lach, owner of Bozeman’s local Sola Café, strives to create an environment that is “all about the people” with “good food plus good thought.” Lach’s ultimate goal when opening her café was to focus on creating an environment where people from the community can gather and enjoy delicious, locally grown food.

Sola Café is a local restaurant that makes “everything from scratch using only the freshest ingredients sourced as locally as possible,” according to the restaurant’s website. However, in Montana with winter weather that lasts longer than the growing season, it is difficult to find all the necessary items year-round.

Ingredients are often brought in from more Western states which have the available crops. However, Lach explains that they always try to remain as local as possible.

“It’s as much about quality as it is about local,” she said. “If it’s not good quality, we’ll buy from farther away.” According to Lach, quality depends on how the food is grown. She said, “If it’s grown with a bunch of chemicals or pesticides we won’t buy.”

According to Lach, one of the primary reasons she strives to buy local products is to aid the local Bozeman economy and to provide good food for the community. Continue reading “Cafe more than a business for its owner”

Penchant for shopping leads to budding career

By MAKENZIE JOHNSON/Montana State News

For Brianna Schutz, the Gallatin Valley Mall has been more than just a place to work for the last five years. For Schutz, the mall means home, a place to meet new friends, and a place to further her career in fashion.

Schutz has done more than further herself in her passion. She has also changed the atmosphere for shoppers in the two stores she has worked at: Vanity and now Rue21.

Schutz arrived in Bozeman after growing up in Columbus, Mont., fresh out of high school and desperate for a job. She applied everywhere, and finally landed a job with Vanity as a part-time assistant manager.

“I don’t know how I got that. I had no retail experience,” said Schutz. “I was always interested in clothes and shopping.” Continue reading “Penchant for shopping leads to budding career”

New hoops coach plans ‘player first’ program

By SCOTT PHELAN/Montana State News

Montana State University’s newest head basketball coach, Brian Fish, characterizes his philosophy with one word: integrity.

Fish said he demands integrity from others as well as himself. “We are going to work hard and we’re going to play the game the right way,” said Fish at a press conference.

Integrity is part of the reason Fish landed the new coaching job at Montana State University.

“We were looking for integrity; someone who won’t sacrifice academics” said Athletic Director Peter Fields.

Fish was also hired because of his impressive coaching resume.

“He worked at Creighton and they built a program at Creighton when Creighton wasn’t very good. He brings a lot of understanding on that process,” said Fields. Continue reading “New hoops coach plans ‘player first’ program”

Couple shares a lifelong love of the arts

By MORGAN SOLOMON, Montana State News

It is a rare occurrence to see Jack and Barbara Kligerman apart. Anything they do with passion and joy, they do together.

“It would just be odd if I wasn’t participating in activities with Jack. We just have always shared the same passions and thus always wanted to do the same things,” Barbara Kligerman said.

Jack and Barbara are recent winners of the Cornerstone award, presented to them by the Bozeman Public Library for their tireless services to the library and the literary community. They are the first couple to win the award.

“Barbara and Jack are very much a ‘couplet’ and deserve to be recognized jointly for all of their contributions to the library and our community,” said Paula Beswick, the library’s foundation director. Continue reading “Couple shares a lifelong love of the arts”

Lifelong love of food behind local restaurant

By BRITTANY HORTON/Montana State News

Dishes were clanging, as the sounds of mixing and preparing paired with loud country music were blasting from the kitchen at the Food Studio on a typical Friday afternoon.

Two chefs were preparing for the nine-course dinner later that night, as one mentioned, “This is the final stretch; this is when it starts getting very busy.”

Daniel Wendall, owner and head chef at the Food Studio, strolled in a few minutes later with his hands full of boxes and decorations, immediately heading into the kitchen to see how the prep work was going.

He began tasting the stovetop food, adding additional spices and adjusting the recipe. His manner suggests that this man is a professional.

An average of 20 hours has already been spent preparing this nine-course Valentine’s Daydinner, which is about the same amount of time these three spend on every.

“We seem to keep very busy, we always have an event, class or something to cater, there is no down time,” chef Jacobs laughs. Continue reading “Lifelong love of food behind local restaurant”

Brewer set to open new Bozeman location

By DANIELLE MARTIN/Montana State News

The northwest side of Bozeman that currently boasts retail shopping opportunities, eateries, and a coffee shop can now add brewpub to the list. Outlaw Brewing, currently located inside Bar 3 Bar-B-Q in Belgrade, plans to move to a location on North 27th Avenue near Warbler Way this fall.

Outlaw Brewing Manager Todd Hough, 38, said the move is due to the brewery needing a larger space and wanting to pursue new business. In a press release issued recently, Hough said he “sees this move as just the beginning,” and hopes to soon start canning Outlaw Brewing’s most popular beers and focus on charitable giving and increased involvement with the Bozeman community.

Hough, who moved with his family from Virginia to Bozeman in 2000, opened Outlaw Brewing with his wife just over two years ago in its current location.

In a Chronicle interview with Bar 3 Bar-B-Q owner Hunter Lacey in March 2012, Lacey said the original addition of the brewery to his restaurant was all about providing more options for his customers and allowing them to make beer pairings with his food. Continue reading “Brewer set to open new Bozeman location”

Friend’s death inspired artist’s fundraising quest

By SABRINA HAYES/Montana State News

A friend’s death changed the course of Shirley Robinett’s life.

“I learned of the death of my friend, Susie Buxman, on May 14, 2011, the evening after one of my art shows. I was so moved by her death. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others who struggle with cancer. I wanted them to know that someone cared.”

Founded in the same year as her friend’s death, Shirley Robinett’s nonprofit organization Running Free From Cancer was born from her own art.

Robinett said, “I created my first piece ‘Running Free’ and began selling raffle tickets. Thus began the nonprofit organization, Running Free From Cancer.”

Over the past three years, Robinett has held fundraisers to support cancer centers in Bozeman and the rest of Montana. This year, for the first time, her event will be hosted by Sola Café from May 21 through July 23. Continue reading “Friend’s death inspired artist’s fundraising quest”

MSU hoops coach names new assistant

By SCOTT PHELAN/Montana State News

Montana State University men’s basketball program has made its second big move this offseason with the recent hiring of Kenya Crandell.

“I’m very excited to get back on the floor and coach, which is what I love to do,” said Crandell in a Montana State University press release.

“Crandell’s coaching career began at his alma mater, Nebraska-Kearney, as a graduate assistant from 1997-2000,” according to the press release

Since then, Crandell has maintained a variety of coaching positions. Before his time at Oregon he spent four years (2008-2012) at Southern Utah, and the year before was at Sacramento State for a season. Continue reading “MSU hoops coach names new assistant”

Library award goes to couple for the first time

By MORGAN SOLOMON/Montana State News

Jack and Barbara Kligerman became the first couple to win the Bozeman Public Library’sCornerstone Award. The award honors outstanding service to the library and the literary community and is typically given to an individual in the Bozeman community.

“They truly deserved to obtain the award together. I don’t think they would have wanted it any other way,” said Sarah DeOpsomer, the development and programs manager for the Bozeman Public Library.

The Kligermans have been volunteering at the library for the past 11 years. They helped the library director’s assistant, participated in multiple book clubs and offered classes in music and literature for Wonderlust, a program of Montana States Extended University. Continue reading “Library award goes to couple for the first time”

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