Reverend speaks in favor of NDO


Rev. Roxanne Klingensmith from the Episcopal Diocese, spoke in support of the Non-discrimination ordinance at Monday’s Bozeman City Commission meeting.

“I have lived in this town almost 33 years, and not once have I seen us not embrace diversity,” said Klingensmith.

“When there have been attempts not to embrace diversity, the town has rallied and made sure we bring that matter home.”

The following statement on the ordinance that Klingensmith spoke in support of, is from the website Fair is Fair Montana (

“The fair Montana is one in which everyone has equal opportunity to employment, housing and public accommodations. Unfortunately, while state law prohibits discrimination in these areas on the basis of race, sex, religion and age, it does not protect on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Gay, lesbian and transgender Montanans can be fired from a job, kicked out of housing and denied service at hotels and restaurants simply for who they are.”

Klingensmith wrapped up her comments by saying: “This town exudes inclusivity and has always embraced diversity, and on that basis I encourage all of you and thank all of you for considering this ordinance.”

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