Brewer set to open new Bozeman location

By DANIELLE MARTIN/Montana State News

The northwest side of Bozeman that currently boasts retail shopping opportunities, eateries, and a coffee shop can now add brewpub to the list. Outlaw Brewing, currently located inside Bar 3 Bar-B-Q in Belgrade, plans to move to a location on North 27th Avenue near Warbler Way this fall.

Outlaw Brewing Manager Todd Hough, 38, said the move is due to the brewery needing a larger space and wanting to pursue new business. In a press release issued recently, Hough said he “sees this move as just the beginning,” and hopes to soon start canning Outlaw Brewing’s most popular beers and focus on charitable giving and increased involvement with the Bozeman community.

Hough, who moved with his family from Virginia to Bozeman in 2000, opened Outlaw Brewing with his wife just over two years ago in its current location.

In a Chronicle interview with Bar 3 Bar-B-Q owner Hunter Lacey in March 2012, Lacey said the original addition of the brewery to his restaurant was all about providing more options for his customers and allowing them to make beer pairings with his food.

Lacey said, “The underlying sweetness of most barbeque, for example, matches well with the cream ale. IPAs, which have a citrus flavor, are normally difficult to pair with food, but go well with the cherry undertones in certain sauces.”

Hough explained that he would like to keep his current location inside Bar 3, but that this might not be possible. He also said that plans are in the works to eventually add food and live music to his new brewery.

In a recent Chronicle article about the popularity of beer in Montana, the Chronicle reported that “All the larger cities in the state have multiple breweries. Bozeman, Belgrade and Livingston have seven breweries combined.” The addition of Outlaw brewing to Bozeman will make this total eight.

In response to the country’s recent brewery boom, Hough said “We try to make beers that offer something different than what we see around the valley and at the bars.” He notes that their blending of historical brewing styles is paired with modern approaches.

The brewery currently offers 10 brews on tap, including a gluten-free ale.

– Edited by Clark Moorman


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